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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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runs=:04 sam/ct.vwe're hearing dispatch we are hearing dispatch tapes the first time after a chaotic night for officers after an armed man targeted them inside a stars bucks. years later jury selection in the sierra lamar case begins today. what we can expect inside court. it was a soggy weekend in the bay area as folks just trying to dry out this monday. a live look outside at san francisco with the bay bridge as the wet weather trickles into your morning commute. good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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welcome back, sam. he's refreshed after a week of sleeping in. good to have you back. a weekend of now trying to dry out. >> this is amazing when you look at what happened. some places getting up to almost a foot of rain in just three days. some of our october averages, the averages are in the white in the numbers we had around livermore. almost 1.5 inches of rain. 3 inch et cetera in berkeley. we still have scattered showers this morning, especially around the tri-valley. you may run into a few hit-and-miss showers in the afternoon. numbers in the mid 60s around san francisco and low 70s around the south bay and tri-valley. >> the sun hasn't dried out everything yet. you'll have slicker patches. we still have road weather index on the tri-valley, brentwood area maybe and 680 a crash off
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680 coming down toward sycamore valley road. altamont has a wind advisory. there is a crash on the shoulder. we do have breaking news. officers reportedly targeted inside vallejo starbucks. this morning we are hearing the first time dispatch recordings of the frightening moments. >> reporter: this incident could have turned out much worse in that starbucks in vallejo. this is where the officers were inside this starbucks. a male suspect opened up the door and pointed an assault rifle at them.
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here is that dispatch audio coming in. >> there is an ambush at the starbucks. >> he's shooting! >> some very tense moments there. according to vallejo police, it happened around 9:00 p.m. last night. the adult male suspect opened up the door and pointed an assault style weapon at these officers. the gun malfunctioned. officers drew out their weapons for protection. then the suspect takes off running on magazine street. officers were able to take him down at magazine street where he continued to try to manipulate this assault rifle. he posed a threat and three shots were fired at the suspect who was later taken into custody before being taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. the suspect was found to be
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carrying an additional hand gun and wearing body armor. this incident is being investigated by vallejo p.d. a lot of questions about the motivation of this suspect. they'll hold a news conference later this morning. >> frightening situation there. 4:34. new this morning, chp investigating a late night inju injury on highway 101. a truck struck a toyota and five people inside were injured. the medical chopper at the scene as well. there was one victim air-lifted. we haven't received any other updates on the condition of the crash victims. chp shut down all lanes of northbound 101 more than an hour. 4:34, the sierra lamar murder case juries selection is
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finally to begin for the man accused of kidnapping and killing lamar. he killed. 15 years morgan hill girl back in 2012. torres was arrested after her dna was found in his car. he faces death penalty if convicted. man accused of shooting a police officer in the head died. the suspect believed to be shown in this photo has not been officially identified. he died yesterday at sf general where he was being treated for critical injuries after friday's police shooting. the suspect opened fire on officers without warning. those officers were responding to a call about a man acting erratically near stern grove. police shot him before taking that man into custody. sources close to the family said the officer shot in the head is kevin down. this is a picture from the website of the nonprofit he helped to create. he is partially paralyzed after
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surgery to remove bullet fragments from his brain. a deadly police shooting in santa cruz. officers say the man killed attacked them with a rake. it started as a disturbance call 3:30 yesterday morning. someone called 911 to report a man banging on the door of a home yelling the suspect wanted to kill the people inside. the man attacked officers when they arrived with a metal rake even after a taser was used on him. a triple shooting over the weekend. sonoma county sheriff's department says one man was killed while two others are alive and being treated. no arrests have been made. investigators have solid leads they are working on. shooting happened along 116 just after 8:00 on saturday night. rob mentioned it earlier in the show. rained so much, left many homeowners concerned about the possibility of mudslides over
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the weekend. especially in the area recently scorched by the wildfires. we did see lots of local flooding and some small rock slides on the road. in some cases strong wind gusts toppled trees. homeowners concerned for their neighbors. >> i'm concerned for all the people. they've been through a whole lot and it would be terrible if they got floods right after it. close to a foot of rain accumulating there in the santa cruz mountains over the course of a weekend. that total a staggers one. will we get a chance to dry out today? we've been seeing still a few scattered showers around the bay area. a calmer start to the morning. mild and cloudy skies. there you see a few more showers into the tri-valley impacting 680. how much more rain can you expect? they are just clearing up a crash in the tri-valley.
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we have san mateo bridge. they got cost with a gust or two. the search for a hit and n driver in the south bay--ext. a woman struck while crossing the street, and killed. the search for a hit-and-run driver in the south bay. a woman killed by a hit-anrun
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driver in millbrae. now sherf's ==take map==ding thedriver resp a woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in millbrae. the crash happened after 7:00
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saturday night near rollins and adrian road. the woman was in the crosswalk when struck. investigators released surveillance photos. they are searching for a white chevy or toyota pick-up truck with a camper shell or bedliner. putting more officers on patrol to prevent suicide. that is the new plan on the golden gate bridge. a live look on the iconic span. five new officers expect to patrol for two months. this year there have been 138 successful interventions on the bridge. the increase of successful interventions is directly related to having more officers on patrol. nevada's governor will sign a bill to green light $750 million public money to building a new football stadium in las vegas. if the governor signs the bill, the nfl has to officially approved move.
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coming up on the campaign trail, new numbers show how each candidate is stacking up this morning ahead of wednesday's debate. new claims by donald trump of a rigged election. experts weigh in next. here's one reason the raids may.
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here is one reason the raiders could be looking to leave the a bay area. look at this video from the coliseum yesterday. this was shot by the san
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francisco "chronicle." those are exposed wires there. you can see water from the heavy rain pouring into the tunnel where the visiting team walks to and from the field. the coliseum has been known to have some plumbing issues in the past as well. a lot of things were soaked this weekend. i brought in the lawn chairs like you said. >> good. they would have been under a couple of inches. it's amazing the rain totals we saw. what we had in the santa cruz mountains, amazing the numbers. look at these numbers. the county park near where the loma fire burned. 9.88 inches of rain. almost 20% of the annual total.
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here is the good news, reservoir has over 3 inches of rain. what happened in san jose just under 0.4 inch of rain. we call it a rain shadow. as it descends down the other side into the santa clara valley, the air tends to dry out. it loses its punch and rain starts to pick up as that air is forced to rise. that's why you saw the big totals there item to watch on the coast, high tide 12:44. you could see localized flooding. we had rough surf on the coast but beaches and low-lying areas could see flooding there. a lot of moisture moving off to the east and building in a soggy
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pattern for us. a few more scattered showers as we head to the afternoon. after today, temperatures set to climb up as things dry out. high, 70s around san jose. mid 60s san francisco. north bay and tri-valley, upper 60s to low 70s. check out the seven-day forecast for san francisco. mid 70s second half of the week. showers and mid 80s returning to the valleys into thursday and friday. big changeup in the weather for the week. >> astronomical high tides? that's way high tides we say in california. looking to the rest of the bay, way easy drive. there will be slicker spots around the bay. that sun hasn't had a chance to dry things out. some wetter roadways in the tri-valley and east bay. the crew arrived for the earlier crash on the shoulder. they blocked the slow lane, maybe the right two lanes. traffic coming out of the
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altamont pass. this is greenville into livermore. by the double interchange and spring town, you're at speed. speeds around the bay moving really good, as well. looking at travel times at their minimum 20 minutes for 101 to 85. over here approaching the bay bridge, a smooth drive. no problems from highway 4 to the maze, 13 minutes. bay bridge toll is clearing out. >> thanks, mike. >> 4:48, the world's most powerful women are meeting here in california. >> we have a couple of powerful women from laura to landon for your business news. >> good morning to you guys. welcome back, sam. a new week on wall street. stocks could start off on a down note. futures are lower this morning. look for data on industrial production. we have a full week of earnings ahead with bank of america just out moments ago beating the street estimates with third
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quarter profit of $4.96 billion. look for netflix later today after the bell. friday, dow closing up 39 points to 18138. nasdaq up one point. both markets ended lower last week for the second week in a row. how is this for a big letdown. elon musk promised us he would build a new product, however the clean energy and space entrepreneur put it off until wednesday now. he says he needs more time. fortune four powerful women summit features women in businesses, government, higher education and arts. discussion will center around building a better future. >> thank you very much. one woman trying to do that on the campaign trail. decision 2016. new poll numbers show hillary clinton is enjoying a comfortable lead over donald trump. >> trump tweeted the election is being rigged by the dishonest
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media. those at many polling places. >> a loyola law study finds fraud at the polls is practically nonexistent. >> this is not about election officials at the precinct level. >> it's clear what he means. he never talked about cheating at the polling places. >> donald trump is not used to losing. talking about a rigged election is a way to save face and have something to blame when he comes up short. >> on the flip side, the latest document from wikileaks shows alleged transcript of speeches hillary clinton delivered to goldman saks. she referred to the republican party as the dark side. a republican party office was fire bombed in north carolina this weekend. here is a look at the damage. an american flag were burned. on the building next door, a threatening message reading nazi republicans leave town or else. both candidates reacted on
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twitter. clinton writing "the attack is horrific and unacceptable. very grateful everyone is safe." trump treated "all safe in north carolina, with you all what it. now we have to win. proud of you all." 4:51. tesla is helping lapd go green. at $100,000 a piece, a fleet of tesla is far too expensive to become a reality yet. lapd tested out the use of electric cars for nonemergency duty. parents want your collegebound teen to be a billionaire? >> you don't have to look far. research provided to cnbc lists the top five colleges in the country to attend if you want to be a billionaire. harvard ranks number one followed by stanford at number
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two. university of pennsylvania, columbia and m.i.t. rounded out the top five. 30% of today's billionaires don't have bachelor's degrees. don't tell your teenager there. keep aiming high. 4:52. no secrets the late robin williams was a cycling enthusiast. >> his collection of bicycles, now his family is auctioning them off for charity that. money will go toward the challenged athletes foundation. the auction runs through october 25th. find it on missing plane in tahoe. >> banding together to save a life. this incredible video out of florida next. after 20 hours of surgery, two brothers are no longer connected at the head. we linked up to their mother's emotional facebook post on our facebook page.
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and damage from the weekend storms. find videos and reporting from our three days of team coverage. runs :02
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==laura/vo== formina humanain to save life. you're looking at amazinnew vide officers and bystanders workingother forming a human train to save a life. amazing video showing police officers and bystanders working together to rescue a driver stuck in a ravine. it happened in palm bay, florida. it was a two-car crash and one vehicle went over the road and over an embankment catching on fire. the driver went to the hospital with only minor injuries and no one else was hurt. >> incredible. some might find this incredible. today marks 27 years officially
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since the loma prieta earthquake. images of destruction on that day still seared in so many folks' minds. that quake injured more than 3,700. it puts the odds at about 70%. another earthquake that size or stronger will strike the bay area at some point over the next 30 years. some warn sufrp a quake would have the potential to devastate the local economy. to mark the anniversary, the usgs is going to present new findings on the companies, the workers and potential wages that are all at risk from another major earthquake in the bay area. 4:56. search under way near lake tahoe for a small plane that disappeared. a small plane returning to the sacramento area is missing in a
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rugged part of the sierra nevada. it was first reported missing saturday night as it flew over from idaho. its last known position was southwest of lake tahoe. ground and aircraft searches were called off yesterday because of bad weather. crews plan to resume the search this morning. the weekend rain didn't stop a search and rescue team getting critical training in. a break overnight for the rain. >> right now seeing mild conditions around san francisco. dry right now across the golden gate bridge. still scattered showers around the tri-valley for you this morning. how much more rain could you expect? >> how much rain we had. rob is tracking the bigger numbers there. 101, you see puddles on the side
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of the road in san rafael. officers threatened with the intense moments th lead up to a police shooting breaking news, officers threatened with an assault style weapon in the middle of a starbucks the.
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a guy with a rifle trying to ambush a starbucks. two officers say they were ambushed inside this coffee shop
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by a man holding an assault rifle. all the details coming up in a live report. plus years later, and after a handful of delays, jury selection begins in this sierra lamar murder case. a preview of what we can expect in court today. it was a wet weekend in the bay area. a live look at san francisco. a very good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for downing us. >> we can only hope there's a couple of rainbows in store. >> a foot of rain came down. this morning you're still seeing a few scattered showers for your morning commute.


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